Sunday, December 28, 2008

A break in the storm...

This year our after Christmas plans included a quick trip to Nampa, Idaho to visit my brother and his family. The weather had been very much not cooperating and we were not sure if the trip would actually happen. Luckily there was a slight break in the storm track allowing us to drive down on Friday safely through the mountains. There were icy and snowy spots but Tim did a fabulous job of maneuvering the freeway. We arrived safely in Boise on Friday afternoon.

My brother John and his wife Kris have four children, two girls and two boys who our kids love to see.

Saturday it snowed like crazy and the roads between Boise and home were closed. We spent the day at Cabela's and the mall.

Cabela's is housed in the old Costco building across from the Boise Mall and although we've ordered items online, we've never actually been in their store. Inside there are two large fish tanks -- one with trout and one with bass of all sizes swimming around. We arrived at feeding time to see first, little pellets gulped up by the trout, then night crawlers -- slightly grosser than the pellets and finally live goldfish. Ewwww...

One goldfish half swallowed managed to swim out when the trout opened up it's mouth. The crowd yelled out "Swim Nemo swim." followed by an "awww" when another trout swooped in an gobbled him up. Remember the line in "Big Fat Lier" --- fish munching fish??

I bought a new pair of snow boots for fifty bucks for improved snow shoveling traction which also probably means there won't be anymore snow. Tim said it's worth fifty bucks to guarantee no more snow.

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