Thursday, December 18, 2008

I think I double jinxed myself...

Tim whispered in my ear right after he kissed me good bye this morning at five am that we got more snow -- my signal to get on my lucky shooting boots. Birkenstock slip ons although they have fantastic arch support do not perform well in the snow. Someone used my gloves and only put back one. Undaunted I slipped on another that didn't match. Truly no one cares -- there are no matching glove police out at five fifteen in the morning.

I leave a broom by the door so that I don't have to walk on the fresh snow to retrieve the shovel. When I opened the door...HOLY COW...there was a lot of new stuff. Knowing it would snow I parked my van in the garage and asked Tim to park his truck on the street. It makes clearing the driveway so much more efficient.

Two hours later my driveway, front sidewalks, the sidewalks of my neighbors on both sides, out into the street ten feet, a path for the mail truck, the walkways around the back of the house, the back deck and stairs and a path to the shed were all clear and swept. My arms were officially noodles.

After a scalding hot eucalyptus salt bath soak and a bowl of cereal with very cold milk and a splash of half and half, I cracked and ate some peanuts while I watched the streaming text at the bottom of the TV screen forecasting not the hot stock trades but the school delay and closure schedule.

Two hour delay??? Perfect. I climbed back into bed with an audible "ahhh" and closed my eyes until the kids woke up. As it turned out McKay cooked Jensen breakfast, got him off to school, shoveled Bev Anderson's driveway and let me sleep a little longer. Good Seed!

I enjoyed the beauty of my job exactly 35 minutes when it started snowing again.

I'm worried Old Man you know who took my "bring it on" post as a DARE -- I think I may have jinxed all my neighbors.

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Shannon said...

Just think of the awesome workout you got!