Wednesday, December 3, 2008

BYU Co-Ed Alert... Spencer's on his way...

Tomorrow morning Elder Spencer Johnson returns home after ending his mission service in our Ward. I think he knows he is one of our all time favorites, but he is far too humble to admit to it. Tim has worked with him as Ward Mission Leader for nearly six months and cannot say enough good about the caliber of missionary he is.

There are several mom's in the ward, including me, who wish their daughters were a little closer to his age and could follow him to BYU.

I asked Tim his first name for this post since neither of us knew it. It was printed on a three by two business card along with his address. I remember how strange it was for me after eighteen months of being called "sister" to hear my first name again. After a while I got used to it -- so will Spencer.

We wish him a safe return to England where his father is serving our country in the Air Force and then we wish him safe passage to BYU to begin his Co-ed sort. Take a number... the line might be long.

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The Mom said...

Hey Spencer have I got the girl for you!

Caitlin Gardner
19A Gates Hall
Provo, UT 84604
cell- 619-997-1118

Don't be shy, now...