Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My hands smell like oranges...

In America unlike some other countries, oranges are available year round. They don't over thrill me most of the time except during the fall months leading up to the end of the year when tangerines are in season. Admittedly, I am a bit of a snob preferring Clementines to everything else hands down no questions asked. They are by far the candy of the Christmas citrus choices proving difficult to keep stocked in my home. We have gone through nearly four bags in under two weeks.

Delicious at breakfast as a wake-me-up, rounding off the food groups with a sandwich at lunch and standing in for dessert late in the evening -- they have the potential just like everything else tasty to be over eaten.

Case in point...well actually I can't relay the actual case in point for embarrassing reasons, suffice to say if too many of these succulent little babies are consumed in rapid succession -- one might say... suffer a bit of GI upset. What is that everything there is a season?? In my opinion, Clementine season is unbearably short.

If you want the name of the new perfume wafting off me -- it's eau de clementine.


Halverson Family said...

I totally agree with you -- I am a total Clementine snob, too. I don't care much for oranges, but once those Clementines come into the store, we always have them around. Easy to peel, compact, and yummy!

Jana said...

I love them too along with my boys. I bought a box last week, and it was gone in a few days. I passed them up this week, but I will be getting them next week for sure.