Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow Cave Photo Op...

We got another 4-6 inches last night making the pile of white shoveled stuff on our lawn enough for a snow cave. The frozen precipitation is very dry and looks like glitter as it falls to the ground. It's been coming all day and continues even at this hour.

After clearing the sidewalks tonight, Tim, Regan and I walked around the block to see how the lights on our neighbors homes looked covered with snow. One yard with lighted shrubs resembled giant disco balls.

My calves were complaining all the way around the block. Finally home, warmed and working on my newest red and green afghan, the kids decided to go out and work on their cave. The next thing I know, I'm being summoned to take photos for... you guessed it... the blog. Here are the night's memories in photo. To our cousins in San Diego... wanna come and play??

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The Mom said...

Thanks for the invite! We would love to come and play, however we all want some sledding action shots!Get out of the caves and hit the hills! It would be the first thing we'd do if we could be there, how fun would that be?! If only we could be teleported!