Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lavender Woes...

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell of lavender!!! I love to spray it on after a shower, nestle it in my drawers, douse it on my sheets, sprinkle it in my shoes and soak with it in the tub. I love that it's purple -- a color by the way I have loved since childhood.

I normally buy it in liquid form or already added to the products I use -- because something I realized several years ago -- was that I am allergic to it. I have tried decorating with dried lavender but even handling it for short periods of time makes me really itch.

This year I tried a live plant outside and resist touching it. So far I have enjoyed the beautiful purple without the itch. The rest of my lavender stash is inside bottles of essential oil which cause me no itch problem.

Enough time has passed...

McKay forbade me from blogging about the day she received her drivers license stating that she was way too old to be just getting it. Well okay but the day she drove off on her own 5 minutes after receiving her license was so cute -- I decided to let some time elapse before posting it.

Some time this year ___________ (exact time and date omitted) McKay got her drivers license and officially became the family go - fer. For the first six months by Washington law she can only drive around immediate family members which is a real benefit to me since she has younger siblings that need to be taken places. I LOVE the convenience of another driver in the family.

Raspberry Girl...

When McKay was little she loved to pick (and eat) the raspberries in Grandma Wilder' s backyard patch. I searched and searched for a picture but couldn't find one. Fast forward to now -- we planted our own patch in the backyard prepared for the sweet crop to take several years to appear.

To McKay's sheer delight we have sweet berries ready for eating. The crop this year is small and we are still working on the trellis -- well actually, Tim is working on it, but the plants seem to be thriving.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Two Rows Behind the Dugout...

July 8th Tim and the boys drove to Seattle to see the Baltimore Orioles play some baseball! Seated two rows behind the Orioles dugout, these were tickets like they'd never had before. Jensen scored three.. count 'em... three game balls, one thrown right to him by Nick Markakis. He also got three signatures on baseballs he brought to the game just for that purpose.

Girls Camp 2009 -- Camp Ensign Washington

A perk of being a boy on a long car trip...

There is really no need for an all boy van to stop except to get food on a long car trip... case in point. If even one girl were present this would NEVER happen and every boy in my house knows that. This does not prevent it from happening in their absence however. Fortunately it appears Jensen was keeping well hydrated.

And then there's the Mystery Plant...

In the back yard near the raspberry plants there is an all dirt space awaiting decision on whether to house grass, bark, rock, pathway or some combination of any. For the most part the grass has been cleared and most of the stray rocks removed leaving only dirt.

Out of nowhere a mystery plant appeared resembling some sort of squash... which I personally would have never planted since squash of any kind once cooked refuses to go down my throat without a gag. Notwithstanding -- here's another Greenstreet Garden anomaly for your viewing pleasure. We decided to let it grow just for kicks and giggles. I really hope it's not that stringy squash some people try to pass off as spaghetti.

That Ain't No Watermelon...

Confessions from a novice gardener...

This year after two failed attempts to grown plants for our garden from seed, we purchased plants already growing and acclimated to our region. The front flower bed was thus cleared of all soil and spent bulbs replaced with rich dark weed free garden mix. Eighteen l0ng by six feet wide was determined to be the perfect space needed for two watermelon plants and one each of honey dew and cantaloupe.

Zucchini could propagate somewhere else -- we had real crops growing here.

Day by day I watched leaves form and blossoms open anticipating the first signs of sweet seedless goodness. The plastic label from the nursery stuck in the soil showed a thumbnail of just what my late summer harvest reward would become.

Three weeks ago Tim noticed an oblong green fruit just behind the blossom and called me out for inspection. "That's an awfully long watermelon. -- Are they supposed to look that way?" Neither of us had any idea about that. Moving closer I noticed prickly white bumps characteristic of cucumbers.

What we have here is prime gardening soil space meant only for watermelons and yet ... growing cucumbers. I'm wondering how the budding plants got switched at birth or what comic genius swapped the identity sticks at the nursery hoping for just such a harvest prank. Curse you cucumber -- I wanted watermelons!

I built a trellis for the foreign invaders and will enjoy the salad condiment but I will not... make the same mistake next year.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Interesting Randomness...

Some say Face Book is a colossal waste of time and I would have to disagree and agree all at the same time. Here are my status updates since I joined 6 months ago. They are really just snippets of randomness from my life but all together they are kind of interesting.

Starting from today and going backwards… Beginning with Brenda Wilder Greenstreet…

The boys are off to see the "Birds" play in Seattle with seats just two rows behind the Orioles dugout...I'll be off to Nouveau.

Nessy is home safe and sound. Thanks grandpa and grandma for a fun trip!

Welcome Home sign is complete -- c'mon home Nessy. (That's a nickname McKay gave him which stems from his name spelled backwards "Nesnej" (pronounced Ness-Nidge) and shortened to Nessy.)

is very much excited to see #42 who comes home tomorrow.

My washing machine is doing the death rattle so I'm looking for a new one and need your reviews of your own washing machines -- should I get the front loader or top loader???... Haven't shopped for a new washing machine in YEARS so I need real help

The happy campers are happy to be home.

iiiii got the new phone but iiiii don't know how to do anything except make a phone call and make what's on the screen bigger and smaller with my fingers thanks to # 11's help.

The campers come home tomorrow. Happy me!

The house is VERY quiet today... too quiet I must admit.

# 42 is going on a road trip with grandma and grandpa ... California or bust!

What happened to today?? ... it went by too fast.

Well I'm glad the girls made it safely to Ensign Ranch after the trailer tire blow out on the way.

No Face Book for #21 and #32 all week while at Girls Camp...How will they manage???

Ahhh...Sunday siesta here I come!

i i i i just ordered a new phone. Yipee!!

Back feeling better -- It's Saturday and I got things to do ... problem is all the cars are gone.

My BFF got the most a-dorable haircut ever!!!

After a nice clean shave I grabbed the icy hot stick instead of the antiperspirant... I wouldn't recommend it.

Is it against the law to do the dishes without being asked???? If so, I've got a whole bunch of law abiding citizens around here.

Sciatica is pretty much kicking my wimpy butt!

Half frozen strawberries are delicious -- even if I didn't grow them.

Are backaches contagious??

I'm looking for a new phone -- any ideas on which one I should choose??

I hope it doesn't decide to rain or I'll have to postpone the yard Sale.

Finally... got a contacts Rx for my bifocal eyes that seems to be working -- actually they are technically not bifocal contacts -- one eye is near and one is distance -- my brain will supposedly adjust and... got new sunglasses too!

Oh my -- I just had the BEST Bibb lettuce cut fresh from my garden (This is HUGE because I have only ever grown tomatoes before) I've got a couple extra heads if someone wants one and is willing to come and get it -- two types -- Bibb and Red Leaf. Doesn't Chef Salad sound good for dinner??

Yard Sale at our house on Saturday -- Should be a multi-family event -- I'm seriously going to de-junk!

headache, headache go away!

I need to wrap a present.

Hair appointment today....gonna wash that gray right outta my hair...

Casa Mia was de---licious - whole family together -- fun times!

Tonight is out to eat for Regan's Birthday, Jensen's Birthday and great report cards all around! Casa Mia here we come!

Dumb feet are way too swollen so I must alternate between working outside and propping them up and reading a good book -- easy on the computer chair today. --- ps. kids who drive (x2) and can run errands for me is fantastic.

anxiously waiting for my new glasses to come so that I can quit wearing these scratched loose ones!

is going to Yakima with McKay and while MC is ACT Testing I will be Antique looking and maybe... shopping. Then out to lunch with 21 and back to Kennewick so that I have plenty of time to get my camera ready to take some photos of Mallor - with an "i" and Mc - with a double "ll" at their dance recital. It's gonna be a fun day!

did we just buy three (3) laptops??? Oh yes we did. (Online school for all)

going to Costco to get new glasses since my stupid insurance will only pay for the lined bifocals. (Costco has the best prices on no lined ones) Why is it every year I get blinder and blinder? And the doctor asks -- "Do you spend much time in front of a computer???" Well...duh! Apparently I now need computer glasses -- go figure.

Why does PS3 have to freeze up just when I'm almost done??? Ugh!

Have I mentioned I like to alphabetize things??

Yesterday's tacos needed a little cilantro -- so Tim just went out to the garden and snipped off some. No more buying the whole bunch just to use a few and throw the rest away! Anyone got a great recipe using Lemon Thyme??

The title of the DVD is "CUL8R SSV" (as in... See You Later Sunset View) and I've written it over one hundred times.

still burnin' them DVD's -- there must be a faster way...

70 burned 5th grade memories DVD's down -- 50 more to go.

sees watermelon and cantaloupe growing up through the soil. We've got tomatoes too!

is finished with the SSV 5th Grade Video and now is burning it to 120 DVD's.

UPDATE: Not shingles -- just a viral infection that looks like a flesh eating type. :0

possible diagnosis -- shingles -- I am so hoping NOT.

is in the home stretch with last weekend's project and has a nice blister to prove it. Like Tim always says... (being the cost accountant he is) ... projects always take 3x longer and cost 3x more than originally projected. Not true on this one -- it only took 3x longer. Really...almost done.

putting on my grungy working clothes so I can cut some more wood. "Little" project from the weekend is now more than half completed. --- ps. NO project is ever little!

Today it's 90 minutes of MT with Skyler. Goodbye sore muscles and body aches.

Left over Carne Asada from Robertos on homemade corn tortillas for lunch -- de...licious!

This is REALLY a great invention -- Especially after using power tools all weekend.

I'm officially done for the weekend. Tomorrow I must blog -- or maybe Wednesday.

Okay -- Ran out of room -- Tom Kendrick, Now I can't remember anymore -- But anyway you know who you are!

Words cannot express how much I value the freedom I enjoy as an American and my heart felt thanks go out to all of those brave men and women who have made and continue to make that possible. My deep gratitude to friends and family who have and continue to so selflessly serve -- Thank you Dad, Grandpa Greenstreet, Ken Greenstreet, Mike Greenstreet, Christine Childers, Daniela Magnelli, Greg Corbaley, Biff Anderson,

One more day to this hard working weekend -- I've got stuff to do!

I officially miss the troupies -- they come home on Monday night.

found two ginormous artichokes at the grocery store yesterday and we'll be steaming those delicious things for dinner tonight.

looking forward to Church and then a Sunday Siesta.

I think I just sneezed out saw dust.

shaking off saw dust so I can eat a quick sandwich. I'm getting closer.

not going to a little serotonin boost in the lumber aisle at Lowe's today

just me and 11 and we're going to get a snack - half price you know where.

...just me and my power tools.

thinks every Memorial Day Weekend needs three things -- An American Flag flying, A project and homemade icecream.

has an idea for a project.

is getting ready to go spend her Mother's Day Gift Certificate to Nouveau for a facial!

so the thing about the hoax was a hoax.

is pretty sure it's going to be a good week.

is getting ready to blog about that big fish Tim caught this weekend.

wonders which would you choose -- James Taylor's Greatest Hits or Greatest Hits 2??

just downloaded the completed album for Three Dog Night's Complete Hit Singles. Good Stuff!

stayed up too late watching "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and really liked it a lot more than expected.

just had a Thunderbird snafu and is determined not to freak out that all my Relief Society Reminders email addressed are not somewhere in outer darkness. I will tackle this problem tomorrow with a fresh mind.

Had a delish dinner cooked by Tim -- Grilled Chicken and Beef Fajitas on homemade corn tortillas -- Got notes from the kids and will be having a Mother's Day Nouveau Facial this week sometime and took a wonderful Sunday Siesta -- Great Mother's Day!!

is waiting up for # 21 to get home from Prom.

's # 11 just replaced the alternator in the car and saved her a bunch of money -- gotta love smart/handy kids.

is making a 3 month dinner menu with a list of all the ingredients so that if she times it by four she will have a whole year dinner menu.

is going to IT DAY with Kendrick. Admittedly, we are both part computer geek.

just made homemade corn tortillas for the first time -- Happy Cinco de Mayo!

has enjoyed a nice quiet Sunday afternoon.

is preparing to teach RS on Sunday.

left a Schweppes in the freezer too long and yep... it exploded.

Today is a fine day to take some snapshots of #11 in the park!

made some delish homemade bread yesterday and McKay froze me a ginger ale tonight -- life is good!

agrees that McKay hardly ever loses at Rock Paper Scissors -- How does she do that???

is waiting for the Ginger Ale she put into the freezer to get almost frozen enough to burst but not quite so it's still slushy. Hint -- do not forget about it and let it explode. It's the PERFECT way to drink it!

just finished doing taxes and with more than 3 hours to spare -- I'm that good!

wants good ideas for what to put on signs for the Tax Day Tea Party.


What bill do you hate paying the most?

Where was the last place you had a romantic dinner?

What do you really want to be doing right now?

How many colleges did you attend?

Why did you choose the shirt that you have on right now?

What are your thoughts on gas prices?

First thought when the alarm went off this morning?

Last thought before going to sleep last night?

Do you miss being a child?

What errand/chore do you despise?

Get up early or sleep in?

Have you found real love yet?

Favorite lunch meat?

What do you get every time you go into Wal-Mart?

Beach or lake?

Do you think marriage is an outdated ritual?

did all this week's work last Friday (except for a little) and so is thinking a project might be a nice idea.

is waiting for the Mix cousins to come over for a visit and have tacos and cake with us. We haven't seen them in a long time!

is about to participate in the exciting Saturday activity of ... grocery shopping.

Brenda is working --- b...b...b...boring!

My Blog Book arrived and it is 100% Wow! I've been published!

's blog book is out for delivery... Fedex tracking better not be jerking my chain about this!

just got back from RS Pres Meeting at Applebees.

's blog book has been shipped and is due to arrive on March 12th!!!

need to get working on a project.

is very pleased the house is clean and everyone gave me 1/2 hour in the garage and it's mostly clean now too! YESSSSS!

is going to pay attention to her neglected house today and get it cleaned.

is VERY HAPPY her blog book is DONE -- now maybe her laundry will get done.

just made chili with cinnamon and cardmom for the ward party tonight. It'll be crocking the rest of the day.

is yep -- still working on that blog book. I WILL get it finished!!

wants to ask -- Is it raining outside?? Answer -- Oh Hail No!

is changing her mind again and having a sandwich instead.

is thinking a bowl of cereal sounds good for dinner.

Winning Fan and Losing Fan Together -- See our BLOG for the full story.

is chatting (in italian) with my italian companion who lives in Milan and works nights at a hospital. Isn't FB the best???

is thinking she needs to clean out her closet...well maybe.

is enjoying that Tim cooked tonight -- chicken fettucine alfredo wiith broccoli YUM!

s so excited that she found her italian companion from Milan on Face Book!!!

is hoping the Mix's are having a safe trip out west.

is wiring the photo lights one down one to go

is buying the parts for my photo lights

is up early today

is waiting for McKay to get home from "the club" aka the stake dance and eating a bowl of cereal while waiting

is just finished doing RS stuff for tomorrow

is wrapping a birthday present for a friend

Water Bottle Flying...

The other day while driving in the car I finished off a 33 oz Smart Water and without even thinking twice tossed it headlong into the back of the van. If I aim just right -- I can, while continuing to drive, propel the empty plastic container over the tops of the car seats into the space between the rear window and the back seats. Score two points for mom.

It is curious to me why this is such and automatic reflex and puzzles others why I would toss it back only to have to retrieve it later. I don't know why I do this except that it is funny and sort of ... well, tradition. Finish a bottle of water -- toss it back. Periodically I must retrieve the empties to the recycle bin and notice then just how much water is consumed in my vehicle.

This most definitely only works with empty water bottles and frankly I would be appalled if other refuse were thrown back -- everyone knows the rules in my van -- only empty water bottles allowed -- all other garbage must be thus properly disposed.

The other thing funny is that if a water bottle sits and condensation forms on the inside of the container it must be shaken up -- immediately. This is a procedure made famous by McKay because of her disdain for condensed water beads.

So in review -- get in the car, notice the beads of condensation -- shake -- drink -- toss.

Name that Nickname...

For some reason your own given name is not nearly as endearing as a personalized other name aka -- a nickname. Tim has always been a fan of calling everyone in our family names other than those on their birth certificates and has likewise passed the love of multiple names on to our children. Here's a partial list of family and individual nicknames and where possible the reasoning behind them.

KENDRICK-- "Tiny Little Super Guy", "Rexburg Baby", kcirdnek (pronounced curd-nick) which is his name spelled backwards and often shortened to "curdy", "ginger"

MCKAY -- "Pocatello Baby" (not real original but it stuck), "MC-hamma", "Yakcm" (pronounced "Yakem" which is also her name spelled backwards), "Good Seed", "Cha-chee", "chunk-o-chicken"

REGAN -- "Re-ga-roo" , "Marimba - Roo", "Rega-roodle", "Roo", "Mc-Regan" , "Nager" (pronounced "Nagger" which is also her name backwards and for a long time she hated the way it sounded -- but it eventually it grew on her), "nag-let", "litta-gurl"

JENSEN -- "Jen-Jen", "Super-Jen", "Schnebley", "Mr. Schnebley", "Jensen sandwich", "Nesnej" (pronounced Ness-Nidge), "Nessy" -- a shortened verson of the previous, "Super Buddy", "litta-boy"

TIM -- "Mit", "Crush", "Babe", "daddy - iss", "dad-smith", "poop-smith"

BRENDA -- "Adnerb" (pronounced "ad-nerb") but also changed to "ad-nerd" because McKay likes that better, "Everyone loves her", "mommy-iss", "Baby"