Monday, May 31, 2010

Sailor Daddy

My daddy was a sailor. I knew his job must be important because his uniforms were always pressed crisp and he spent a lot of time shining his shoes. What I never realized as a kid, was how dangerous it was. When he went to Vietnam, I didn't understand there was even a possibility he would never come back. He always... came home safe. I recognize now that some other dads didn't. Today I am very thankful for the bravery and the sacrifice and the honor of those guys who never returned from battle defending my country. Thank God for each and every one of them.

Friday, May 21, 2010

FINAL: McKay's Grad Announcement

Here's the final version of McKay's announcement to the world.

"I'm done with stinking high school."

After cutting several proofs, we discovered that my trusty 20 year old paper cutter is not completely precise in it's squareness... (or it may be... that I'm not completely precise).

Either way, I'm gonna have to pay someone else to cut them straight or get a straighter cutter.

I'll have to think about that one...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

PREVIEW: McKay's Grad Announcement

Costco's printer is down today so the announcement mailing has been delayed...What the trailer??

We have completed work on McKay's "nontraditional" graduation announcement. It is non-traditional in the sense that her diploma will say -- "Kamiakin High School" even though she completed coursework for Junior and Senior year her own pace...often in her pj' home.

This educational plan, offered through the Kennewick School District's "Off-Campus Learning Program" worked extremely well for McKay allowing for significant increase in GPA as compared to her Freshman and Sophomore year attending classes on site at Kamiakin.

We are grateful such an option exists and wish to sincerely thank the staff and teachers who worked closely with McKay in preparation for graduation - specifically Lorna, Jennifer and Dave. McKay received individual attention and tutoring when needed which really helped her understand the material she was learning. I am still gasping at how quickly McKay went from preschool to high school. What was it...2.5 seconds?

McKay's announcement was set up in PhotoShop measuring 9.25" by 4" which will fit nicely in a top opening policy envelope we ordered online made of recycled Kraft colored paper. We are waiting on Costco and it's printer to double check the size and layout.

Kamiakin High School colors are red and yellow which are completely non-flattering to skin or creative design for that matter. We chose instead, a simple black and white layout using a less stark version of red and yellow in a side ribbon. The design of the ribbon was extracted from the fabric back drop used in the photo. Although it was somewhat time consuming, the final image was just enough accent to the otherwise hue less design.

I loved working on the project for McKay. She'll be addressing and mailing these out to friends and family just as soon as we get them back from Costco.

Chocolate Chip Sins...No Confession Required.

In 1986, while employed at Northwestern Mutual Life, a co-worker slipped me a photocopied recipe that... she said was rumored to have been the secret ingredient list for the cookie Mrs Fields made famous. Gasp!

Handing me the clandestine document, she first looked around, then whispered... "You've gotta try them...they're addicting."

I'd had Mrs Fields before... paying nearly $1.00 a piece for the chocolaty goodness at the mall and even though it seemed a little too good to be true... I shoved the paper in my pocket anyway.

That was nearly 25 years ago and Mrs Fields Original Recipe or not...these are the best chocolate cookies I have ever mixed, scooped, baked, smelled or eaten. There's no heroin in the recipe, but I'm not gonna lie...they are a little addicting. You'll have to be responsible for yourself.

I renamed them "Chocolate Chip Sins" a number of years ago figuring a recipe for a cookie this good was no doubt obtained by theft.

You're very welcome...Enjoy!