Thursday, May 20, 2010

Chocolate Chip Sins...No Confession Required.

In 1986, while employed at Northwestern Mutual Life, a co-worker slipped me a photocopied recipe that... she said was rumored to have been the secret ingredient list for the cookie Mrs Fields made famous. Gasp!

Handing me the clandestine document, she first looked around, then whispered... "You've gotta try them...they're addicting."

I'd had Mrs Fields before... paying nearly $1.00 a piece for the chocolaty goodness at the mall and even though it seemed a little too good to be true... I shoved the paper in my pocket anyway.

That was nearly 25 years ago and Mrs Fields Original Recipe or not...these are the best chocolate cookies I have ever mixed, scooped, baked, smelled or eaten. There's no heroin in the recipe, but I'm not gonna lie...they are a little addicting. You'll have to be responsible for yourself.

I renamed them "Chocolate Chip Sins" a number of years ago figuring a recipe for a cookie this good was no doubt obtained by theft.

You're very welcome...Enjoy!

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