Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pictures in the Park...

He might have guessed I had an ulterior motive...

Take a shower, shave your face, put on a nice shirt and I'll take you out to lunch... and oh by the way can I take a few snap shots of you in the park??? I didn't have any recent pictures of Kendrick so he obliged playing good sport as I drove him to Columbia Park and snapped a few shots of him. Thanks Kiddo!

We shared a trio of Tacos al Carbon and enjoyed the Salsa Bar and fresh homemade tortillas at Fiesta Mexican Restaurant for lunch which for twelve bucks including the tip was a great deal.

Ready to Explode...

Cola beverages and syrup rich soft drinks don't thrill me much -- except an occasional Ginger Ale or more often if it's partially frozen. It is a tricky process and always highly subject to the can's structural integrity. If you forget the drink in the freezer and get extremely lucky your beverage will resemble the above aluminum expansion. Most of the time however it will simply explode coating your frozen mixed vegetables and ground beef in a fluffy sticky snow.

I let the above can thaw somewhat before opening just to be safe. It still blew frozen deliciousness all over the floor. It's the price you pay for sub-zero goodness.

French Waffle Toast??

For some reason we go through times when we can't keep stocked in bread and other times where we have so much extra... those times demand French Toast.

French Toast ala Waffle Iron is Tim's invention and comes out with a slight crusty waffly design almost as though it were toasted.

If you prefer maple syrup it's square indented sections hold it perfectly without sogginess. I choose butter and with a light dusting of powdered sugar. Dinner is served!

McKay's Prom Invite...

Ten o'clock knock on the door -- the visitor???... an array of gift bags spelling out the word "PROM" We knew the invite was coming since Tim received a call asking for his approval for the date.

The bags each contained a message and were "NAILED" to the yard. There was also a homemade video enclosed in the final bag with the qualities of the perfect date and a picture of McKay. This kid's pretty creative I will say and must say that I was also quite relieved there were no reptiles alive or dead hidden in any one of the bags.

McKay has yet to respond although at this point it is merely a formality.

Regan shot her brother on purpose...

Regan had the camera this night for Jensen's game and caught a couple nice action shots. The ticket is holding it steady when you're zooming in close from a distance. Nice Job Regan!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Got A Ticket!

The last time the "Taste of Home Cooking School" came to town the tickets were SOLD OUT before I could drive over and purchase one. Same with the Ranch and Home BBQ School. I've NEVER camped outside Best Buy the night before the day after Thanksgiving or pushed redial five thousand times to win a radio contest. I don't like competition, it makes my stomach hurt.

I WILL, however not be above acting on insider information and get on a pre-purchase waiting list for tickets to the "2009 Taste of Home Cooking School" to be held at the TRAC in Pasco. I found out that Ranch and Home was accepting holds on tickets to the show, even though they didn't have the actual tickets and was compiling a pre-purchase list which I promptly added my name to for TWO tickets. I figured I could always decide on my date later.

HURRY--- there may still be tickets left!

I hope this years show will be as fun as the ones I have attended in the past... and who knows I could win a FAB door prize. Here's a preview of the show -- Sorry for those of you who missed the boat on this one... there's always two years from now.

15 Seconds of Fame, if you read it slow...

While waiting for McKay to finish the WASL, a librarian -- well actually the Director of the Mid Columbia Library District asked if I wouldn't mind answering a few questions about my library use. Less than a week later I'm in Les Schwab waiting for the nail I ran over to be excised from my rear right tire when I picked up the TriCity Herald off the table and see my name printed in page A-9. See for yourself.

Meanwhile Back at Home...

While I was in Spokane with Regan... Tim spent the day with Jensen and Kendrick at the Baseball fields for a Double Header. You'd think that meant two games played consecutively -- wishful thinking! One game at 10:15 and the other not until 5:00 pm. Add in team pictures at 8:00 am and you pretty much have a back and forth to the baseball fields kind of day. Get the sunflower seeds and ...Go Chan Chiropractic!!

Courtside View...

Yesterdays "Best of the West" Volleyball tournament was held at University High School in Spokane Valley, Washington. Regan's Strike Force Zebra team started it's play at nine am. Two other Tri-City Club Teams -- Desert and Columbia participated in the competition as well. Our day together began at three forty five am and come eight thirty pm we were back home once again safe and sound.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Who found the Candy??

On the tip from the BFF years ago we fill baskets or bags or in this years case 1/2 gallon canning jars with all sorts of sugary, sticky, chocolaty, malt bally confections the Saturday BEFORE Easter. (The candy receipt or consumption has nothing to do with our understood meaning of Easter) This year I decided to hide in plain sight the treats -- only no-one found them on Saturday.

On Sunday morning when child number two inquired about the white fluffy guy, I shrugged my shoulders and looked as puzzled as the next guy. After church the loot was discovered without fanfare and by five pm the evidence of eggs and grass was completely cleaned up.

I will be better next year holding the bunny's arrival to his designated day.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Another Use for 1/2 Gallon Canning Jars...

When I saw the plastic Peeps at Fred Meyers I knew they needed to become part of our Easter Treat Festivities. What they needed, however, was a proper perch. Enter the half gallon jars that store many of our food storage items. They displayed the Jelly Belly stuffed Peep in all it's glory and fit nicely on the shelf in an... incognito sort of way.

Wonder how long it will take any one of the Greenstreet Kids to find them.

Should I have asked for references???

The guy that works on my computer is back. That guy with the unbelievable ability to completely take apart my computer and rebuild it back so it works faster than before. That guy who knows exactly what the "blue screen of death" signals and who calculates the precise time when mother boards or processors need upgrading.

He is part electronic gadget genius, part unlimited wealth of random knowledge, half part OCD and static repellent and part geek (which he has told me on several occasions is a REAL compliment) -- the perfect combination to keep for as long as he lives on my computer maintenance and repair payroll.

When he showed up with a mustache, I wasn't sure it was him until I saw his hands fixing my computer at warp speed. Good to have you back kiddo.

Growing Nothing and then Overgrowing Everything...

When I look at my thumbs I notice the cuticle almost always needs trimming, the nail seems ridgier than before and most of the time I can spot a hang nail -- all these things -- but never ever even a hint of green.

I am the queen of "Don't ask me to tend your house plants unless you don't mind if... I STINKING KILL THEM, " I have attempted a garden over the years dreaming of fresh salad for supper and never ending melons of every shape and size, but the truth remains that my sole success has been a zucchini overpopulation none of my neighbors or friends wanted to help me spay.

Still... the weather's teasing warmth bids me try again, guiding me to The Burpee 72 slot Ultimate Growing System with Self-Watering Mat Lowes has displayed temptingly near the check stand. I pick up the box... and then sheepishly put it down again checking from side to side to see if anyone is hearing my audible wish for seedless English cucumbers and Bibb lettuce grown by my own hands. I am intrigued with it's plastic mini-greenhouse design and low maintainence self watering claim. I think my husband would be proud, so I purchase it ... for him.

The magic begins to happen as we carefully pour hot tap water over each of the seventy two compartments with a brown compacted pellet of soil inside each. No applause is expected but, ladies and gentlemen ... the ground swelled and we have just succeeded ... in growing dirt.

The instructions say to make a hole with your finger and place one to three seeds in each section carefully covering them with soil. Twelve rows of six plants available -- Roma Tomatoes two rows each of two varieties, check. Cucumbers, two rows, not the hot house type, but they will do, check. Watermelon, three rows, check. Cilantro, one row, done, and last but not least Bibb lettuce, the very tender, mild succulent kind that never seems to be on sale -- two rows, but have you seen the size of the seeds?? Impossible to get just a couple so we guesstimate figuring some won't sprout.

Fast forward several weeks and I expected to see a couple buds peeking through the soil as opposed to the carpet of green except where we planted watermelon. Did you read the seed packet instructions my husband inquires with a smile. They should have given the gemination times. Are you kidding me... I reply with the same facial expression. I thought the back of the package contained the nutritional information.

Not a lick of my outdoor space is ready yet for transplanting and my salad veggies are growing way too fast. Tim promised with the shake of his hand to get the outdoor garden ready and I am trusting he will. Remember the dismal front flower bed?? I think it may be our new watermelon patch.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Need To Catch Up...

Our library visits have increased recently and even more since I figured out the "I don't even have to walk around and find the book myself" service the library offers. I just go online to my library account, pick the books that suit my particular mood and "request" them. Watching my email I can tell when the books are available and BINGO -- I go to the biblioteca and pick up my selections.

Since my kids love to browse I bring my purple laptop and watch You Tube videos on topics that interest me -- this month it's food storage. Bet you didn't know there were "How To" videos on food storage did you???

Here's the most recent book I finished and the main reason I haven't blogged in a few -- gotta catch up.

Friday, April 3, 2009

The River Boys...

There is never a bad time to peanut butter and jelly bread, pack up the fly rods and drive several hours to just the right spot. The weather warming, big brother along for the day and thought of potential catches make for exceptional conditions to take off in the morning for fly fishing.

Two boys and their dad fishing, laughing and enjoying the way it feels to be together and participate in one of only a couple sports where the opposing team doesn't actually know their playing.