Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lavender Woes...

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell of lavender!!! I love to spray it on after a shower, nestle it in my drawers, douse it on my sheets, sprinkle it in my shoes and soak with it in the tub. I love that it's purple -- a color by the way I have loved since childhood.

I normally buy it in liquid form or already added to the products I use -- because something I realized several years ago -- was that I am allergic to it. I have tried decorating with dried lavender but even handling it for short periods of time makes me really itch.

This year I tried a live plant outside and resist touching it. So far I have enjoyed the beautiful purple without the itch. The rest of my lavender stash is inside bottles of essential oil which cause me no itch problem.

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Lisa said...

I'm allergic to it, too. But, unlike you, I prefer other fragrances to lavendar - honeysuckle, citrus, onions....!!!