Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Name that Nickname...

For some reason your own given name is not nearly as endearing as a personalized other name aka -- a nickname. Tim has always been a fan of calling everyone in our family names other than those on their birth certificates and has likewise passed the love of multiple names on to our children. Here's a partial list of family and individual nicknames and where possible the reasoning behind them.

KENDRICK-- "Tiny Little Super Guy", "Rexburg Baby", kcirdnek (pronounced curd-nick) which is his name spelled backwards and often shortened to "curdy", "ginger"

MCKAY -- "Pocatello Baby" (not real original but it stuck), "MC-hamma", "Yakcm" (pronounced "Yakem" which is also her name spelled backwards), "Good Seed", "Cha-chee", "chunk-o-chicken"

REGAN -- "Re-ga-roo" , "Marimba - Roo", "Rega-roodle", "Roo", "Mc-Regan" , "Nager" (pronounced "Nagger" which is also her name backwards and for a long time she hated the way it sounded -- but it eventually it grew on her), "nag-let", "litta-gurl"

JENSEN -- "Jen-Jen", "Super-Jen", "Schnebley", "Mr. Schnebley", "Jensen sandwich", "Nesnej" (pronounced Ness-Nidge), "Nessy" -- a shortened verson of the previous, "Super Buddy", "litta-boy"

TIM -- "Mit", "Crush", "Babe", "daddy - iss", "dad-smith", "poop-smith"

BRENDA -- "Adnerb" (pronounced "ad-nerb") but also changed to "ad-nerd" because McKay likes that better, "Everyone loves her", "mommy-iss", "Baby"

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