Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Water Bottle Flying...

The other day while driving in the car I finished off a 33 oz Smart Water and without even thinking twice tossed it headlong into the back of the van. If I aim just right -- I can, while continuing to drive, propel the empty plastic container over the tops of the car seats into the space between the rear window and the back seats. Score two points for mom.

It is curious to me why this is such and automatic reflex and puzzles others why I would toss it back only to have to retrieve it later. I don't know why I do this except that it is funny and sort of ... well, tradition. Finish a bottle of water -- toss it back. Periodically I must retrieve the empties to the recycle bin and notice then just how much water is consumed in my vehicle.

This most definitely only works with empty water bottles and frankly I would be appalled if other refuse were thrown back -- everyone knows the rules in my van -- only empty water bottles allowed -- all other garbage must be thus properly disposed.

The other thing funny is that if a water bottle sits and condensation forms on the inside of the container it must be shaken up -- immediately. This is a procedure made famous by McKay because of her disdain for condensed water beads.

So in review -- get in the car, notice the beads of condensation -- shake -- drink -- toss.

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