Monday, December 15, 2008

Bring it on Old Man...

Yesterday as I was shoveling the first snow of the season, I was contemplating the name of the blog post for the event. I do love shoveling snow! Admittedly, it's all about the instant gratification. Tim remarked it funny that I don't necessarily like to bundle up for a walk around the block but will spring out of bed to shovel new fallen flakes. What's odd about wanting to clear the sidewalk before someone tromps through it willy nilly with their boots??

I took pictures and everything but guess what internet and telephone service was conveniently experiencing an outage?? --- mine. Nothing yesterday and still nothing today -- I am at the library at this moment while McKay works on her school -- getting my blog fix.

Today I have already shoveled three times and it's still coming down. Did I mention I LOVE shoveling snow??

Potatoes and a giant sweet onion are roasting in the oven for the Roasted Potato and Rosemary soup we'll have for supper. Hopefully there'll be leftovers because it's better the second day.

We stopped at Charter on the way here and requested they send someone -- (anyone except the last guy they sent) to get our internet back (frankly I could care less about the phone) They are scheduled to arrive between three and five, schedule being the word used loosely here.

Dinner prepared -- check.
Internet service repair call placed -- check.
Snow shoveled -- check, check, check.

Bring it on Old Man Winter... I love shoveling.


Shannon said...

If you can't get enough shoveling at your house, feel free to visit mine. There is a shovel around back just waiting to be used! LOL!

Keolani said...

I think I'll leave the shoveling to you. What I would love is some of that soup!

Life as a Greenstreet said... sound like you might have hit your LOVE shovelling snow? Interesting. I don't love anything about winter. Except sweaters. I do sympathize for the lack of Internet, that's just sad. I can live without a LOT of things (a car, for instance). But live without the Internet? Sorry, can't do it.

Leslie said...

I learned something new about you. You always suprise me. First I was surprised about your interest and knowledge of guns and now I find out you love to shovel snow. You are one interesting lady. What will I learn about you next?

H.A.M. Fam said...

I can relate - I enjoy shoveling but I don't like to play in snow.