Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Update on Elder J...

Well...Elder Johnson made it safely home to his family in England. I'm sure he got mugged with hugs. His mother emailed this homecoming photo. Thanks Maryl.

Here's another funny thing that happened -- Elder Killian said that the day AFTER Elder Johnson left the alarm (on the missionaries phone) went off at four in the morning...Nice parting prank Elder Johnson!

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J said...

That is great that you do so much for the missionaries. I think we have missionare is in our ward a couple times a year. Therefore, it is next to impossible to have them to eat or any of those things. I miss that. Is your address still 8024 ? Your card is on hold until I hear from you: janaanson@aol.com You mentioned Imniha (or something like that), which is right around the corner, but I wasn't sure if you moved around the corner or not.