Monday, December 8, 2008

No Flash photography allowed...

Recently I have been trying to shoot photos in RAW using only the manual settings on my camera forcing myself to learn the balance of the relationship between the members of the photographic triad -- sort of like the love triangle from you know where. For some reason it seems to be taking me longer than I'd like to absorb this information -- my goal being to take better pictures... and further to understand which settings make them so.

Last night we drove around our festive town looking for light adorned homes to both ohh and ahh at ... and to practice shooting night shots with no flash... and no blur. What a challenge!

These first few were taken at that lawn care corporate headquarters (no advertisements allowed on my blog) located near the Bishop's Storehouse on Deschutes. We are planning tonight to videotape part of the 20 minute show of lights set to music. As you drive near and tune your radio to 101.7 fm you'll get the audio portion of the show right in the comfort of your own vehichle.

Remember the old drive ins where you pull up and roll the metal speaker up with your window??? It's like that only better. In hindsight we should have driven around first and looked at the homeowner installed lights BEFORE ending up here for the grand finale.

The famous bright street aka Metaline on the other side of Kamiakin had a few lights on even fewer houses than in previous years. The house on the corner that usually dims the lights of the rest of the city was dark much to our dismay. Someone in the car mouthed off that maybe the light freak died. I shushed the disrespect.

We did enjoy the up and down Santa on the roof and the up and down snowman on the igloo and the up and down angel...well you get the picture.

And of course the highlight for me was the old school plastic lit manger scene -- I'm guessing oh... seventies! I'm telling you it's back in style.

Our very own neighborhood is embroiled in it's own version of light wars. Drive down the eight thousand block of Imnaha and you'll see what I mean.

By far the lamestly decorated home was this one with a single beam close to the door. The homeowners obviously lack the holiday flair seen elsewhere. Oh wait... that's my house and FYI the lights are on the back deck thanks to one determined light godess whose name starts with an M.

No flash was harmed in the taking of these photos -- or in the other ninety five that were either black or blurry. Practice Practice Practice.

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Life as a Greenstreet said...

that looks so fun! Nice lights...and your pictures make me realize more than ever: my camera sux.