Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Grandma got a YC...*

Jensen finished his homework lickety split today after I informed him that Grandma W got a dog and promised to take him to see after Miss Lukich's list was completed. Abby, the hairless supposedly non-allergenic Chinese something or other breed of dog was hiding behind the bookshelf when we arrived.

We had a half poodle half chi-wa-wa (not the exact spelling) pet name Princess when I was a kid. She was the cutest little meanest dog I ever met. That was back in the day when somebody else besides me would be responsible for "stuff scooping". Love of canine never took hold - which is the reason we have no dogs today.

Jensen took to Abby right away petting her hairless body and laughing at her pink trimmed "Happy Hour" t-shirt. McKay said we should buy her and outfit. Tim said, "A dog under seven pounds is not a dog." My mom said that she gets bathed at least twice a week and lathered with sunscreen to prevent overexposure. I say, "Don't lick my face...I know where those lips have been."

*YC = yapper crapper


Life as a Greenstreet said...

YC...very funny! Mike feels the same way. I prefer cats because they're not as high maitenance. Jensen looked very sweet with her though.

Keolani said...

YC sounds about right to me. I'm always afraid to "out" myself as a dog disliker. People react very strongly to it. I'm glad Jensen has somewhere he can go to get a dog fix.

Anonymous said...

Glad it's Grandma and not me!!!!