Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A MARVELOUS thing happened 17 years ago...

It was actually 17 1/4 years ago when I first got kicked in the stomach ... it just took several months to meet the kid who did it.

McKay Suzanne ... named after Kamden McKay Gardner (the daughter of my best friend) and Susan, her mom (Suzanne being the stretched out version of Susan) was born by Cesarean Section in Pocatello, Idaho on October 7, 1991.

The night before she was born Tim and I drove to Rexburg, ID and dropped off our 3 year old son at the home of the only people we trusted enough to take care of him.

The vernex covered ball of joyfire let out her first rebel yell shortly after 7:37am wanting zero parts of that shot some nurse dared inflict upon her. Had she been a little taller she'd have probably decked her.

He head was perfectly round, her face without the usual birth canal blemishes and her hair was dark and curly... a perfect ten - not withstanding the apgar score was just shy of 8.

We were both delighted and overwhelmed. We had created another Greenstreet... a sibling for Kendrick ... a daughter. We'd better start saving for that wedding.

After being weighed, measured and scrubbed up, she was brought to my bedside swaddled tightly with a pink bow stuck to the side of her head. This photo is one of my all time favorites -- She lay there sleeping by me for hours. I waked only to look at her... and to marvel.

When you have a child, your heart does not remain the same and take them in ... but enlarges and surrounds. My heart is bigger because of McKay and life got sweeter the day I met her.

I forgave the stomach kick.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful McKay. I'm sorry I couldn't do lunch! I will have to take you both out later!!!

Shannon said...

Can she really be 17? Wow, doesn't seem possible. Happy Birthday Miss McKay!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday McKay!! You are so awesome and I love having you as a friend. I'm so sorry about yesterday...I had no idea it was your birthday! I would have told my dad to catch a bus if I had known. :)
Luv ya!

Leslie said...

I loved reading your story. Happy Birthday McKay.

The Mom said...

Hey! Happy Birthday!

I was so impressed with what your Mom did 17 years ago, we had our own little brown headed girl on the same day two years later! We named her Brittan. We call her "Brit" for short.(In honor of your Mom)
On one of my visits to see your family. I brought her with me. If I remember right,you kept trying to beat her up! :0)

Couldn't take the competition I guess, "There's only room enough in this town for one October 7th birthday!"

Hope your day went well!