Saturday, October 4, 2008


Today as I was hauling groceries up the stairs I noticed a small hole in the wall with a safety pin sticking out of it. Out loud I said ... what the??? and then turning my head side to side several unbelieving times I just had to shrug... and laugh.

Regan was the only potential suspect present, and when questioned she denied any knowledge of how the pin came to be stuck in the stair wall. I guarantee you that if everyone in my family had been home there is a 90% chance that no one would have any idea what happened.

Sometimes I think our house is haunted because unbelievable things happen ... and not a soul knows how. None of them appear to be lying -- but none of them are fessing either.

I mean really -- was it a neighbor who left poop in the toilet without flushing (during the night) or ate in the living room to the tune of 45 combined cups, plates and forks, wrappers, crumbs and sticky something on the table? Was it a random stranger who came in and showered dropping all towels to the floor?

I'm no mathematician, but even my 5th grade math skills tell me that when I know I didn't do it and Dad didn't do it (I'm assuming dad didn't do it) ... that leaves just three -- What??... no takers?

Well then that only means one thing -- We obviously had another kid without my knowledge or consent.

I just have to locate him/her ... so that my sweet innocent other children won't have to keep taking the wrap for all the unclaimed crimes against decency.


Anonymous said...

You are so freakin funny woman. I have the same ghost in my house. My ghost doesn't like to flush the toilets either...LOL. That was a great blog.

Shannon said...

What I don't get is why they don't fess up when it is something stupid and they're not even going to get in trouble. Yes, the ghost has been to my house too. I am pretty sure I have more than one.