Saturday, October 11, 2008

I think I've got a purple stomach ache...

The ScrapGirls Convention has officially logged off and the circuit breakers have ceased humming overloaded by one hundred plus buzzing laptops. Some of the women have already gone home counting on one hand the number of hours spent actually sleeping.

It has been a whirlwind weekend jammed with class after unbelievably amazing class. The photography class was incredible -- but then so was the intentional design lecture and the the Use of Artistic Brush demonstration. Each course was taught by design team members and layout artists who all have graphic design or art degrees. The CEO of the company personally introduced herself to every single participant. I was floored by how down to earth these people were.

Prizes were given out on average of about one every 15 minutes and with the exception of chocolate everything was purple -- purple pens, jewelry, slippers, headphones -- you name it if it was purple it was probably a prize. Seventy five per cent of the clothing worn at the conference was also purple. I like purple -- but just like cookies -- if you eat them non-stop for 3 days -- you might understandably feel a little like retching.

I so enjoyed Gardner's Village -- While everyone else was snapping pictures of humans I was busy capturing the sweet little faces of the pumpkins posing everywhere. I also found the cutest realistic looking fake pumpkin ever.. in a little shop. I don't exactly know how I'm going to get it home...too big for the suitcase. I'll probably just try to carry it on, shrugging dumbly if anyone notices I have too many bags.

I miss my cuddlers at home and three days straight eating out is about all I can take, so I'll be headed back to the airport in the morning allowing enough time to declare my unloaded firearm at check-in.

This trip has been so much fun! What a memory. I am certain my brain cannot comprehend everything I learned -- fortunately there is a CD with all the class handouts and instructions for all the techniques.

I'm laying off the purple just until the queasiness subsides.


Shannon said...

What a fun experience for you. I am glad that you learned a lot. Now you can dumb it down a few hundred times and teach it to us at another Enrichment class. That pumpkin is amazing! It does look totally real.

Laurie said...

That is NOT a fake pumpkin!