Saturday, October 4, 2008

This is FANTASTIC News!!!

When I was a missionary in Rome in 1983 the closest temple was in Bern, Switzerland. It was at great expense and sacrifice that our faithful Italian saints journeyed to that Holy Place.

I was overwhelmed (including streaming tears) when I heard the announcement by President Monson that a temple in Rome, Italy would be constructed. This is something only dreamed of at the time of my mission.

Tim and I had already started planning our next European Trip (including Italy) and directly after I heard the announcement I phoned him (he's out of town this weekend visiting his AF pilot brother in Tacoma) to say that we would have to wait until AFTER the temple was completed in Italy to go.

I can only imagine the reactions of my dear friends the Salernos who live in Rome after hearing the news. I think they probably reacted the same way I did.


Life as a Greenstreet said...

I can only imagine the joy that filled your heart. I wait for the day when the faithful saints in southern Chile get a temple they so fervently pray for. I was immensly touched by the those faithful members in Punta Arenas who would save up their money each year for a three day bus ride to Santiago, the country's only temple. They would be there for only a couple of days then it was back on the bus for another three day journey to the south. What faith. My mind also is drawn to Elder Groberg's account of those faithful Tongan Saints who, for years made that long journey to New Zealand so that they could do the work of the Lord. Yey for Rome! Besides the offering of His Only Begotten, I can think of no greater manifestation of Father's love for His children than through the construction of temples across the world.

I am very happy for you and those who's lives will be touched and changed through a temple in Rome.


Anonymous said...

I actually thought that was amazing too! and I don't have the same ties! Can we go with you?

The Parrish Family said...

Rome is so beautiful and will be even MORE beautiful with a TEMPLE!!!!! I hope to go one day!