Friday, October 3, 2008


In May I bought plane tickets, reserved a rental car and hotel room (for three days) and and paid my tuition to the ScrapGirls Digital Scrap Booking Conference. There were only 100 slots and I got one!!!! It was a bigger rush than winning the vintage fiesta ware bowl auction on ebay.

Thursday when you think of me -- I'll be sitting aisle side (I hate the window seat) on a flight to Salt Lake City. The conference is being held at the Officers Club at Fort Douglas.

I am BEYOND ecstatic because this is going to be three days of advanced classes taught by some of the most creative digital designers anywhere.

Here are a few of the class titles:

Understanding and Creating Color Sets
Intentional Design
Getting Published

The one I'm really looking forward to is:

“Making Art Out of the Ordinary: Mastering Light, Location and Composition.”

Ever wonder how those professional photographers manage to find such incredible locations? And how do they always get that amazing light in their photos? Wouldn’t it be fun to create art out of the everyday, ordinary things you see? Nichole will discuss how to assess and best photograph any given location and how to “see” and use natural light effectively, getting perfect light in your photos. She’ll also discuss how to compose artistic photographs based on principles of classic composition and then how to bring all these elements out when editing in Photoshop. Come learn how to create art out of your life!

We are also taking a field trip to Gardner Village where the pumpkin festival is in full swing (never been there but it's supposed to be a fun shopping and photo spot) and I love pumpkins!!!

One thing I've been sorta stressing about is the ATC's we are supposed to make and bring to the conference. (ATC stands for "Artist Trading Card") It's supposed to be the size of a baseball card and be designed with something about you. On the messageboards others have shared their ideas -- like printing them on cardstock and laminating them or having them printed on business card weight paper. I could not think how I wanted to do mine except that it had to say "Spunky Mom" and have something purple on it.

Anyway, it came to me the other morning after 5:00am scripture study when I couldn't go back to sleep -- that I would design my card digitally and have it printed at -- you guessed it -- Costco -- and then adhere both front and back to an old playing card -- finishing up by distressing it via sanding and inking. I think the prototype turned out nice -- now all I have to do is make a hundred more.

Here's what the front look like:

The background is the very same brick wall as on the blog (Tim took that picture for me) only I added a little pizazz in photo shop for this card. The flower center is an old belt buckle I bought at an antique store and scanned.

Here's what the back says:

I did not include my address or email just in case some psycho killer decides to attend the conference -- (which really won't be a big problem since I'll be packing my Glock 26 loaded with brand new hollow points).

I hope to have time for posting after classes each day. Those of you interested in learning what I learned after I get back -- let me know.


Leslie said...

Spunky Mom, that sounds amazing!! I think I would really like digital scrapping but I have so much paper crap I feel guilty!

Shannon said...

Brenda, Glock, airplane...sounds like a bad combination to me (LOL). Have a great trip!

Life as a Greenstreet said...

Sounds like so much fun....someday we'll take a trip to visit you and you can show me all your tricks!

Anonymous said...

I am one jealous woman. But you and your freakishly talented self, go and learn so you can teach the rest of us!!