Saturday, October 25, 2008

FLASH BACK on Jensen & the Tie Dyed Onesie...

This cute onesie was given to me by a dear friend Cathy Larson who was studying to be a Doula at the time Jensen was born. Since I was having a scheduled c-section and really wouldn't be using her services as a Doula, we invited her to observe the surgery which she thought was ultra cool since Jensen's Grandma delivered him.

It's hard to believe more than ten years have passed since that day. From the photo you can guess how Tim felt about the whole situation. I was feeling... well...sleepy. We are so blessed to have the little guy in our lives.

BTW -- Did you know Jensen has several nicknames???.... Like... Mr Sneebley or just Sneebley and Nesnej (his name backwards) or "good seed" , but mostly we just call him "best friend" -- McKay gave him that one and it stuck.

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