Friday, October 10, 2008

Something Exploded

Well I am in SLC and the weather temperature is.....perfect, it's just shy of being able to see my breath requiring only a light jacket. The breeze is still and crisp and I can smell a nearby fireplace faintly wafting through morning air.

I am typing one handed while I enjoy toasted bagel topped with cream cheese and... peanut butter. Lest you think this combination strange -- you should try some at your next morning opportunity. (My preferred spread is actually almond butter)

The flight here was uneventful except that we sat in the tarmac with icy wings in Pasco for an hour before take off and something in my suitcase exploded. You know... since my hair is so high maintenance requiring complicated product application in excess of the three ounce limit permitted for carry on -- I was relegated to checked baggage stuck in the unpressurized cargo hold.

I always put anything with the potential for leak in gallon sized ziplocked bags -- doubled for safety. This insurance has always protected my designer clothing. When I unpacked yesterday, the smell of hair product emanating from my bag was a dead giveaway. The culprit was not the cheap hair spray but the $17.99 can of "give me the illusion I'm not going bald in the front" foam.

The container was completely empty although I could find no puncture. The entire contents had discharged into the ziploc pooling at the bottom. Unfortunately, Walmart does not sell this stuff so needless to say I will have to rely on Photoshop to give me the full bangs lost in the explosion.

Yesterdays classes were fabulous -- the one on Typography was excellent although a bit technical -- serifs and san serifs, leading and kerning... Did you know font placement in scrapbook layouts was a science and an art??

The room was filled with a hundred women and all the ScrapGirls product designers and layout artists, every one with an open, plugged in laptop. The "high voltage" sign on the electrical set up was a sight to behold.

I sat across from Amanda Sok who's familiar designs are on my computer and used in some of my creative adventures. I told her she was a celebrity.

Of course, with such a large gathering of women who wear purple and who scrap there is bound to be entertainment in just watching. Listening to what others say in every accent from the south to the south of England has been a riot. I have also picked up many useful tips and tricks in conversation with all these creative types.

And lastly, my bangs are flat today and my toothbrush tasted like root boost but I am headed to day 2 of classes which are going to be amazing.


Shannon said...

I am glad you are having fun. Why do things always explode on the airplane? I had a bottle of perfume explode once and everyone in the airport turned and stared and I know they were thinking "easy on the perfume, lady". Remember, bald is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Brenda, I am so glad you are having fun and learning alot!! You can now bring it home and share with us virgin digital scrapbookers.
Go my eyes YOU are the celebrity. You scrapbook GODDESS.

The Mom said...


You indeed are the wind beneath my wings.

Laurie said...

I am SO jealous. When are you gonna teach me Photoshop?