Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Howe to Fish...

Elder Howe -- remember him? ... (He was like the two hundredth red headed Elder assigned to our ward)

Well anyway... he REALLY wanted to go fishing with Tim... he'd heard all about the secret spot and begged relentlessly for a chance to fish it.

Even a transfer out of state did not deter his planning a wormy outing with his ex ward mission leader. (okay, it was fly fishing... but "wormy" sounds so much funnier)

After presidential permission was granted, Tim obliged taking him to the favorite river and making arrangements to transport him and his new companion back somewhere halfway between the fishing spot and Milton Freewater after the day was over. Elder Howe's companion from the Philippians had never been fishing.

Elder Howe did fine for himself that day -- can't you just see the glee in his eyes?? It must have been his good luck charm wearing such a stylish t-shirt.

Great Job Elder Howe... not only can you cook up the bacon -- you can also catch a fish -- you'll make someone a downright good husband someday.

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Shannon said...

Patrick will be jealous. He's been itching to go fishing!