Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Saved from the Goodwill pile...

As I was leaving to run errands on Saturday I asked Tim to help Jensen clean his room --- fully expecting a decline on the offer. When I returned several hours later -- I was impressed with the progress of the job.

There was a garbage bag, a put into storage box and a take to Goodwill pile. Jensen handed me his old PJ bottoms and ordered them retired.

Oh no...not these ones...are you sure they are too small?? He nodded.

When I bought them for him in 2002-- I didn't realize how big they were -- (either that, or they were on such a good sale, I didn't care.) I was pretty sure he'd grow into them eventually.

He LOVED these flannel pants, partly because they looked a lot like Tim's and partly because they were so darned comfortable. He wore them so much I thought he may wear them out before he grew into them.

Not so -- he has both grown into them and... grown out of them. He parted with them without incident.

I think I just may keep them to display at his Eagle Court of Honor. (I saved one of Kendrick's Batman t-shirts and held it up as I talked about how much he'd grown over the years. )

It really is unbelievable how quickly they go from little kids to well.... ten year olds. Except for a couple few, I have enjoyed every moment.


Shannon said...

Funny, I think I have actually seen him in those pants!

Life as a Greenstreet said...

Amazing...love that first picture with him in the pants when they're "big." My how those pants have shrunk!

The Mom said...

Every child I have I make them promise they won't grow up...and every child I've had has been completely disobedient! So I'm trying to remember to soak in every day with them now, because they do grow up too fast!