Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Timmy...

Forty six years ago Michael Timothy Greenstreet was born in Brunswick, Georgia at two o'clock in the morning. I've never called him Michael and neither has anyone else except telemarketers. His Grandma used to call him Timmy and so does his sister for some reason even to this day. Searching for scanable pictures for this post I found a photo album hand labeled by his mom -- Timmy 1.

To celebrate this day we got a yellow cake mix with a can of chocolate frosting that if not applied fairly quickly will be missing a scoop of frosting in the shape of the the spoon on Tim's night stand. Tim likes the cake frozen so that he can slice off the bottom half eating it first and saving the top frosted half with now half as much cake for the real dessert. He rarely eats ice cream with his cake.

Forty six candles are considered a fire hazard so we are opting for forty six birthday spankings times five instead.

He may have outgrown Timmy but he'll never outgrow Sweetie or Daddy. We love you!! Happy Birthday!!


The Mom said...

Happy Birthday Tim! What cute pictures!

M.C. Hammer™ said...

yeah. that's my dad. he's pretty cute.