Sunday, November 30, 2008

Let the decorating begin...

I turned ten a few months before Christmas 1972. I don't remember what I asked for that year or whether I got it -- just that the tree was covered with beautiful glass balls and indented aluminum looking globe shaped ... whatever they were, glistening against the tinsel and the lights. My parents were vigilant about never leaving the lights on too long warning about the dangers of igniting the whole house... starting with the tree.

No matter what our financial situation, Christmas day always seemed magical... and abundant. I learned later my mother's secret trick of wrapping everything separately contributed greatly to the visual impact of the morning.

Admittedly, I have strayed from my tinsel garland roots and veered away from breakable ornaments with my kids still little, partly to save them a similar hospital trip I took at age two after attempting to eat a glass ball, but... also I didn't think tinsel was that cool anymore. Our trees have been tinsel free for many years.

Then suddenly a year or so ago, finding myself once again drawn to these shiny glittery objects, I began to collect a few to display at Christmas. Shiny Brite Glass Christmas Tree Ornaments Made in America were exactly like the ones I remember as a ten year old. They're fragile and equally just as fabulous.

This year our Christmas Tree will feature a tribute to the 70's. I'll be dust busting up stray tinsel all season and if I'm lucky I'll find a remastered Mitch Miller Christmas Album to close my eyes to. If not, XM's 70's station will have fill in for the ambiance.

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