Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Things I'm Thankful for have changed...

Tim and I spent Thanksgiving 1989 in Rexburg, Idaho freezing our tootsies off over a thousand miles away from any extended family. Kendrick was a baby and oblivious to our meager financial condition. Both full time students working part time, a good month earned us $500.00. Twenty six dollars paid our government subsidized rent and utilities. We felt blessed to live in such comfort while we finished our educations. I know we struggled then and literally counted pennies but I don't ever remember feeling deprived.

One of our most infamous arguements ignited over my donation of several dollars to a neighbor. I don't even remember why I gave it to her -- she must have needed it worse than me. Tim was nonetheless NOT pleased with my haphazard squanderance of money. I was always thankful for blessings we received on regular intervals just when the needs arose. We were watched out for that way.

Today I don't worry about near as many little things as I used to and for that I am thankful. Tim and I do not argue about pennies anymore although I still act haphazardly with money at times. My relationship with my favorite blond haired blue eyed surfer has grown into something I never imagined it would. There is no room to hold the blessing he is to me.

My children are gifts each one of them wrapped in different paper and tied with their own unique bows. I would not trade my experiences with them for any amount of anything. The stretching and growing as a result of having them in my life has taught me lessons most valuable and precious to me. I understand God's love more fully because of them.

God has always watched out for me and continues to bless me inspite of me and really.... that is what I am most thankful for.

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