Monday, November 10, 2008

This One Nails Me...

A friend emailed this quote to me yesterday ---

"A clean house is the sign of a broken computer" unknown who said it - but pretty much it nails me. I replied to the message -- "How'd you know?"

True confessions... my computer is the most well maintained part of my house -- dust free you know and always being upgraded in some way, shape or fashion. I use it everyday which is way more often than I do laundry or for heavens sake make my bed.

I think I get a serotonin boost every time I open Photoshop CS3 or go to I can't help myself from learning more and more html code and the girls at Costco Photo call me by my first name because I upload so many digital creations. (they actually process my stuff in well under an hour most of the time -- but don't tell anyone)

So here's the deal -- If I know you're coming over to visit, I can book it into gear and make the house presentable, but if you surprise me -- no guarantees my bed will be made.

Thanks Marilee for the on target description of my life.


Leslie said...

That's cute. I wanted to have that type of relationship with my computor, so I bought PC's for dummies....but it didn't work out as I had hoped....I wonder if it's because I'm not a dummy. Anyway, a lame horse or a broken bike equal a clean house for me.

Anonymous said...

That is the most accurate description for you!!! And who needs a clean house.