Sunday, November 9, 2008

Nine Millimeter Pumpkin Carving

Yesterday morning following a rain storm that left muddy puddles everywhere, a group of 16-18 year olds, several adults and a couple younger tag alongs piled into cars and pickups heading to our favorite shooting range. Tim was the Range Master and gave the safety lesson reviewing all of the rules involved for a safe shooting experience and checking that shooters had appropriate eye and ear protection.

The adults transported a varied array of firearms including shotguns, rifles, pistols and always a favorite... Mom's Glock 26 ready for the morning events. Besides clay pigeons and color changing targets...there were ripe orange pumpkins left over from Halloween... begging to be decorated.

Carving pumpkins with a 9mm hollow point bullet creates a hole in the front and an even more impressive hole - 3x bigger in the back. For a polka dot effect - choose a 20 gauge shotgun instead.

Check out the carved up squash that displayed on our front porch step... for exactly as long as it took to photograph the work of art and then dispose of it.

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