Saturday, September 27, 2008


Yesterday Tim and Tim went fly fishing again. (okay I will admit that my entire life up until just a few months ago I didn't realize there were different types of fishing -- a fish is a fish is a fish right?)

I can't really even explain it today but fly fishing is different than the worm on hook kind of fishing. In fly fishing the fish are smarter and snootier. They only prefer certain kinds of bugs and if you tie a bug to the end of your line that is the wrong kind the fish will swim by and snub your bait.

So yesterday Tim (my Tim) was fishing with Tim Hamil and they were catching nothing. So my Tim started looking closely at the bugs flying around the area and near the surface of the water and then he went to his collection of flies and found the one that looked most similar. He tied it on and low and behold he got one.

Depending on where you go the bugs are different and so in turn the "trick" ones you tie on the end of your line have to look the same so as to fool the fish. Take a look at one that got tricked.

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Leslie said...

Well, I learned something new today, maybe it will save my hide someday if there's a famine!!