Monday, September 1, 2008

Getting Braided

This year McKay and Regan went to girls camp together for the first year. Following in McKay's traditional camp preparation, they both went to Kendalls to get their hair braided.

McKay also had me make her a "Hippy Hat" to wear over the braided beautifulness. It works out perfectly because one of the days at camp is "crazy hair day" and about that time they are ready to take out the braids and reveal the hidden hairdo below.

Ernie also went to camp in Regan's bag and proved to be very popular.

At night in Regan's tent they held wildly popular "Ernie Flashlight Shows".
Who needs UNO when you got Ernie???

Many of you will remember Todd who traveled all over the country last year including to many of your homes -- Well you guessed it... Todd also went to Girls Camp, but unlike Ernie, Todd got stuck with Biffy Duty and didn't get to do much entertaining.

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