Thursday, September 4, 2008

McKay's Homecoming Answer

Yesterday morning on the way out to take McKay to school there were glow in the dark stars on the car window that said, "I wish on all the stars that you'd go to homecoming with me." That was McKay's cue to come up with a clever response.

Here's the best part (from a parents perspective) -- The boy asking McKay to the dance phoned two weeks prior and asked Tim's permission to ask McKay to Homecoming. Brownie points for him. He said they'd be going with a group of 3 other couples. Tim inquired who the driver would be and invited him to look at his Glock on the night of the dance (just kidding about the Glock part)

So McKay decided she would like to go with him to the dance and went to seminary early to decorate his desk with her answer.

This was on the front door of the seminary building

and this is his desk.

Stay tuned for more pictures the night of the dance.

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