Monday, September 1, 2008

Gossip Camp '08


Hey's McKay here. So Regan and I recently had the chance to go to Girl's Camp together this past July/August, and let me tell you... we had a "ballin" time. (For you older folks out there-----> Translation: We had a Yippy-Skippy time at camp!) Although you can't tell from this picture, Regan loves me...alot.

This picture to the right is of Clear
Lake. (the lake up at camp)
Many girls love and take advantage
of the opportunity to go and sit by the lake, pray, write in their journals and take a break. Now, despite many of our insane pictures shown of camp, don't think that it was all fun and games. Girl's Camp has ALWAYS been an extremely spiritual experience for 99.9% of the girls that attend.

Peace. 'Nuff said.

Those would be my favorite converse by the way. I took this picture during a break on a hike at camp one day. LITTLE KNOWN FACT TO MY RELATIVES ABOUT ME: My name is McKay, therefore, I am pretty much a walking McDonald's advertisement. I have had various nicknames including McBallin, McStupid, ect. and M.C., which eventually led to M.C. Hammer. Lo and Behold, one day in biology class it was confirmed that I should have that
written on my shoes.

By the way, she is my best friend.
<------ Yeah. That girl right there.


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