Tuesday, September 23, 2008

FUN FIRST DATE! Kamiakin Homecoming 2008

McKay went on her first "official" date to Kamiakin's Homecoming Dance last Saturday Night. Her date was Josh Flint -- a friend from school and church. (What a nice kid!) A couple weeks before he asked McKay to the dance, he called and asked Tim if it would be okay if he asked her. (brownie point #1)

(See an earlier post on how he asked her and how she responded)

So once the asking and the answering was completed -- the "get ready for the dance to do list" was created.

What should I wear???

And... how should I fix my hair?? Makeup??? Nails (both finger and toe)??? Dinner??? Pictures???

It was a large list but we were up for it. ( Remember -- I said --- take one thing at a time and "eat the elephant" so to speak -- one bite at a time.)

The first "to do" was FINDING A DRESS. With the word put out -- several good friends like Pam Halgren and Judy Curnutt offered to let McKay borrow dresses worn by their daughters. Whitney Halverson brought over her dresses to try as well. It was a several day fashion show and McKay had quite a time trying on all the fancy styles.

In the end, Judy Curnutt gave McKay several dresses from her daughter. All of them were beautiful but none of them were modest enough for McKay to wear. Not to worry, Jacque Madison, a dear friend, said she would alter the dress of McKay's choice and make it "modest ready" for the dance. (Okay this is the unbelievable part to me -- she totally transformed the dress -- wait and see)


McKay's BEFORE hair

McKay's BEFORE dress

McKay and Josh went on several pre-date outings (to get flowers ordered, to try on suits, buy shiny shoes and to match the color of her dress to the color of his shirt) and each time he was a perfect gentleman -- opening doors and driving safely (brownie point #2)

The day of the dance McKay spent time at Sarah Moody's getting her hair done.

Wow -- nice job Sarah!!! THANKS!!!

Then she went to Marianne Larsen's for an expert makeup job.

Beautiful! THANKS Marianne!!!

Well... are you ready??????

Here's our little curly haired baby all ready for the dance......

At around 5:00 pm McKay and seven of her friends (including her date Josh) came over and we took some snapshots of them all dressed up.

Here's the group.

Here's McKay and Josh all ready for the dance. Is this not the MOST FABULOUS alteration of a dress you've ever seen??? Mercy... it looks great!!! THANKS Jacque!!!!!

Now here's the part where Josh earned 4000 brownie points.... He said to her at the dance ... "I want to thank you for dressing modestly." CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT???? I just want to kiss him -- well not actually kiss him, you know it was just music to my ears. What a nice thing to say!!! (I think McKay poked him at that point and asked --- "Are you a real boy???) Thanks Josh -- you're a good seed.


Life as a Greenstreet said...

Seriously...are you a real boy? What a good boy! I hope my son grows up and says (and thinks!) such things.

Laurie said...

Wow. That's amazing! McKay is a beautiful girl. Hey Brenda, your blog is fun to read. You have such a great sense of humor and you write so well. Be seein ya

The Mom said...

So great to share in the fun! You looked beautiful! Josh is a lucky young man. Take care-

Kristin said...

Someone trained that boy very well! McKay, you look gorgeous and your modesty only enhances your beauty! Thanks for setting such a great example! I hope my boys grow up to date girls like you who respect themselves and those around them in such a way.