Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Take Cover

When we bought this house in 1997, the inspector we hired said -- "You got maybe five years on this roof." Ya whatever, that was, oh ... eleven years ago.

Well, it was a good roof -- and we waved goodbye as the 22 foot dumpster rolled down the street with the old shingles and nails (minus the one that went through my shoe) and half the neighborhoods yard debris. Tim told everyone within earshot they could save themselves a trip to the dump and fill up our (already paid for) container.

Tim and the kids and our ward's two missionaries took off all the old stuff. The kids LOVE going on the roof for some reason. (just for the record I do not love seeing the kids on the roof, including the nearly 46 year old kid that has a history of falls from roofs -- so I just didn't look much.)

When the new shingles arrived they were taken directly to the top of the house by way of a cool moving ladder thing (not exactly sure what it's called) anyway, it was very efficient and we all stood outside watching it work. Jensen missed it because he was at school -- so we taped it. You might just enjoy it too.

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curlsnpearls said...

What an excellenta blog. I guess the music made me feel a little Italian. I love Grandpa! Have fun at Homecoming. Talk soon. L.M.