Monday, September 29, 2008


Yesterday our phone and internet decided to go out after several hours -- I called their customer no service department. I was put through to their very hard of hearing automated voice response system. Many of the questions were easily answered yes or no (as in yes I have unplugged and replugged and no I still don't have a dial tone) but some of the responses required the word "continue" Apparently Betty no brains automated did not understand when Tim said "continue", so then I had to say it and when I wasn't understood Regan yelled "con -- tin --- ue" syllable by sluggish syllable finally getting a "thank you let's move on"

When the automated system proved unsuccessful we were advanced to the phone queue listening to what sounded like previews for nickelodeon TV. Someone came on the line said they'd be able to get someone right out ... on Friday (as in Oct 3rd Friday) and would I prefer morning or afternoon? My reply -- "How about tomorrow?" Coincidentally, they just happened to have a open slot -- what do you know??

The best part of the story is the guy who came to do the repair -- We'll just call him Mr. Tattooed, Baggy Pants, underwear hanging out, don't knock just come right in, didn't act like he had a clue what to do Guy (for short). McKay and I watched him the entire time all the while McKay was grimacing and mouthing the words "Somethings not right about him."

(Look his underwear is hanging out now.)

He completely wiped out all my router settings, erased the WEP key and deleted all the IP settings then plugged the computer right into the modem and announced "it works" well duh... but what was wrong? He shrugs his shoulders gives me a cord he got off the floor and said it was hooked up wrong. (Sort of like the old -- "It's complicated Ma'am, it was the o-n-o-f-f switch) I've got a LOT of confidence in this guy by now so I am not heartbroken to see him exit. I guess that's what the $3.99 a month inside wire maintainence insurance gets you.

So I spent the next several HOURS resetting up the router and securing the wireless networks. (admittedly not having much clue about what I was doing) and trying to figure out how it was set up in the beginning before Mr you know who touched it and getting pretty ticked off in the process -- I was ready to call ANYONE to come fix it -- when all of the sudden I got it. That's it -- I JUST ROCK!


Leslie said...

You're hilarious and very computor savvy, that's why you'r my hero. I hope you called and gave the customer no service a report on Mr. Baggy Pants.

Anonymous said...

Brenda, you can tell a funny story like no other!!! That was funny!

Shannon said...

You totally crack me up. You are a delightful writer! I can hear your voice telling the story as I'm reading. Next time, call Patrick, he may be baggy pants, but I can guarantee no tattoos or underwear hanging out! LOL!