Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I remember having the distinct opinion (as a teenager) that someone over 25 was OLD and I was certain if they lived to 40 it was pablum from then on. Well ... I have outlived my aging predictions and the only oatmeal in my diet is in cookies.

In fact 46 does not seem old at all to me -- although my body might beg to differ. I have pretty much decided I like myself and I don't get too wrapped around the axle about the age thing. (Check back when I turn 70)

Birthdays are just another reason to eat out and celebrate. Forty Six is going to be a fun year -- I'm looking forward to it.

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Life as a Greenstreet said...

Is that your mom in the picture??? it looks so much like McKay. Genetics are amazing. I hopw you had a great day.....with chocolate.