Tuesday, April 28, 2009

McKay's Prom Invite...

Ten o'clock knock on the door -- the visitor???... an array of gift bags spelling out the word "PROM" We knew the invite was coming since Tim received a call asking for his approval for the date.

The bags each contained a message and were "NAILED" to the yard. There was also a homemade video enclosed in the final bag with the qualities of the perfect date and a picture of McKay. This kid's pretty creative I will say and must say that I was also quite relieved there were no reptiles alive or dead hidden in any one of the bags.

McKay has yet to respond although at this point it is merely a formality.

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Life as a Greenstreet said...

Where the heck were these kind of boys when I was in high school? i don't even remember being asked to Prom, although I know I went....McKay must be super special to garner the attention of a creative young mind! And, a call to ask for permission? ! Hmmmm