Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Got A Ticket!

The last time the "Taste of Home Cooking School" came to town the tickets were SOLD OUT before I could drive over and purchase one. Same with the Ranch and Home BBQ School. I've NEVER camped outside Best Buy the night before the day after Thanksgiving or pushed redial five thousand times to win a radio contest. I don't like competition, it makes my stomach hurt.

I WILL, however not be above acting on insider information and get on a pre-purchase waiting list for tickets to the "2009 Taste of Home Cooking School" to be held at the TRAC in Pasco. I found out that Ranch and Home was accepting holds on tickets to the show, even though they didn't have the actual tickets and was compiling a pre-purchase list which I promptly added my name to for TWO tickets. I figured I could always decide on my date later.

HURRY--- there may still be tickets left!

I hope this years show will be as fun as the ones I have attended in the past... and who knows I could win a FAB door prize. Here's a preview of the show -- Sorry for those of you who missed the boat on this one... there's always two years from now.

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Anonymous said...

I loved spending the evening with you!!!