Saturday, April 11, 2009

Should I have asked for references???

The guy that works on my computer is back. That guy with the unbelievable ability to completely take apart my computer and rebuild it back so it works faster than before. That guy who knows exactly what the "blue screen of death" signals and who calculates the precise time when mother boards or processors need upgrading.

He is part electronic gadget genius, part unlimited wealth of random knowledge, half part OCD and static repellent and part geek (which he has told me on several occasions is a REAL compliment) -- the perfect combination to keep for as long as he lives on my computer maintenance and repair payroll.

When he showed up with a mustache, I wasn't sure it was him until I saw his hands fixing my computer at warp speed. Good to have you back kiddo.


Life as a Greenstreet said...

It is indeed a compliement to be called a geek and I hope my kids are labelled as such. It is also an immense blessing to have someone who can work magic to the blue screen of death. All those things aside...I am sure the joy of having him there has nothing to do with computer magic and everything to do with the regular kind of love magic.

The MOM of 4 Greenstreets said...

You would be so right Brooke!