Monday, March 16, 2009

Sweet Scripture Chase...

Tonight for Family Home Evening I wasn't feeling especially inspired nor possessing of any specific direction in which to take the discussion so I opted for the always popular scripture chase. A successful chase must include a reward -- in excess of the obvious warm and fuzzy good feeling one receives just by opening the works.

Thirty years ago Tim held the all time record for wins in Seminary Scripture Chase due in large part to the pudding filled bismarks up for grabs. With a dozen donuts on the line, he was almost always unstoppable.

This evening's keyword searches revolved around a bag of Swedish fish, some Wild Berry Sour Gummy Lifesavers and two Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs. Any word on the packaging (excluding the obvious three letter or less "and" "the" "it" or "oz") was fair game for the chase. Words like fish, food, free, life, save, egg, cup and the like provided more than enough competition for the sugar powered bunch.

Looking up the keyword in the index without actually going to the scripture was a disqualification. Since there were only two Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Eggs they were the first to go. When the kids found the scripture they had to shout out the key word.

Halfway through the competition, McKay shouted "I found ass." which of course qualified her for only the burst of laughter she received from me. She confessed saying it because she knew the reaction I'd give.

Our week always goes better when it begins with the song -- "This is the Night we've waited for..."


Leslie said...

I'm not surprised that Tim is motivated by sweets. One day (when we were neighbors) he dropped by when I was taking cookies out of the oven and when I offered him one he kind of got a glazed look in his eyes!

CarrieAnne said...

Thanks for you comments, I finally have enough speed to actually update the blog so I have added yours! :) Blogs and facebook, they make the world go round when it comes to keeping in contact! Tell everyone hi for me!