Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Why do they call it "Winter Formal"??

Kamiakin's Winter Formal aka Winter Semi-Formal a couple Saturdays ago was yet another chance for McKay to dress up cute and go out to eat with friends. Jackie altered another dress, this one a hand me down from Cassie, McKay's cousin. It turned out very cute!

The date with Josh began much earlier in the day at the shooting range. Tim took a group of us including Josh and his dad and several of our friends to the pistol range out near the Rose Iris range in West Richland. The pistol range looks like an old west town and it quite a fun place to shoot down metal targets. We opted, as usual to set up our tactical paper targets and shave the mustache clean off the bad guy -- 9mm style.

Getting ready for the dance took about as long as setting up the lights and backdrops for pictures. By the time all the couples had arrived it was almost impossible to get them all to smile at the same time and lean in close for the shot. We did manage to get a couple good ones and then off they went to PF Chang's for dinner.

The actual dance ended up being a small portion of the night giving way to a locating and pricing treasure hunt at Walmart. McKay was home on time -- 11:30 just like her date promised she would be.

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Rae Greenstreet said...

How is it that McKay always has the prettiest dress and is the most beautiful??