Sunday, October 11, 2009

My First Brown Trout

I have always heard there's Brown Trout on the Touchet River. I've never been able to catch one, as they are a very wary fish. I was fishing a big fly yesterday. A #8 size olive body stimulator. The fly is about as big as a quarter. I was fishing a section of river that is about 30 feet across and about belly deep thru the middle. A tree had fallen into the river at the head of the hole. Browns like lots of cover for ambushing prey. Everything indicated this could be a great hole. I pulled two 14 inch rainbows out. I cleaned up the fly and made a perfect cast within 6 inches of the tree. The fly floated back to me in the current about two feet, when this pig came flying out of the water. He jumped two more times. Given I only had 2lbs test tippet on, I had to really play him out. It took about five minutes before he was willing to come in and get his picture taken. I then let him go. A fish this size is 10-15 years old. He had earned his freedom in my book. Plus, you want to keep those good genetics in the river.

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Annette said...

Congratulations, Tim! A beauty.