Sunday, May 17, 2009

Big a price...

Traveling highway 395 towards Spokane on several occasions Tim noticed a potential fishing spot. With the aid of Google Earth he located the pond and drive out to explore the possibilities. A "No Trespassing" sign only meant he'd have to locate the landowner. After obtaining permission to fish he unloaded his one man pontoon boat and collection of fishing rods including the spin caster he received from his Grandfather Harry Greenstreet.

I received a phone call late afternoon that he caught a horse and had the pictures to prove it, only later learning the large mouth bass put up a fight dragging him into some nearby bushes. Grandpa Harry's rod, which was resting on the boat was knocked off in the scuffle.

Noting location of the downing, Tim plans to return with mask and snorkel to retrieve the heirloom - hoping to salvage at least the rod itself.

Rapala Glass Perch Shad Rattlin' Minnow -- four and a half bucks plus twenty three for the fishing license equals one sweet photo to post on Sportsman's bragging wall.