Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My hairdresser doesn't even know for sure...

One thing you might know about me is that sometimes I can be impulsive. Like the day a week and a half ago when I woke up, looked in the mirror, and decided I didn't like my gray hair anymore. So I am wise beyond belief but does the world need to be reminded of that by being forced to look at my hair color? (kidding about the wise part)

Anyway -- off to the market I went in search of not only a decent shade but one guaranteed to cover the uncoverable, stubborn, pigment free follicles of silver all over my head. Should I have sought professional help?? Possibly. Would I be quadruple the ticked off if I ultimately didn't like the color? Pretty much.

I opted for Le Petit Salon Self Serve de Walmart -- Eisle 21 next to the Bed Head knock off brand "gotta be...".

Light brown number six with gray retexturing pre-treatment. It goes on yellow proceeds to an orangy rust before arriving at the final destination -- black. The instructions explicitly read "the color on your head is not necessarily the color your hair will be." Now that's a relief.

All said and done light brown is a whopping helping darker than gray and I wasn't sure I liked it. Almost no one noticed the transformation lending heavily to my notion that I might be invisible until one friend gasped -- ohmyfreakingosh I love it. If she likes it that's good enough for me considering that if I take off my glasses everything's blurry anyway.

Clairol One - (eight hundred) - help me... knows the color of my roots... but no one else needs to.


Kristin said...

I noticed your new hair yesterday at Costco. Honestly, I did! It looks great! I was distracted by running into my parents there by the "cuties" as well. I wish I'd had a minute to chat and tell you how great you look!

Genene said...


Did I not say something the moment I saw you at book club?!!! I noticed right away! I wish that I was as brave as you and could do it myself instead of paying ridiculous amounts of money to have someone do it for me. Love the background on the blog by the way.

H.A.M. Fam said...

I noticed it but didn't know if Relief Society was the place to tell you how hot it looked!! :)