Sunday, February 8, 2009

McKay gets asked to Winter Formal

Some unknown person delivered a plastic shoe box sized container filled with salted roasted peanuts to McKay's seminary class last week. The note on the top said, " I'm one nut that really wants to go to Winter Formal with you, but you have to find me first." Hidden inside one of the unshelled nuts was the name of the was the self proclaimed nut. Thinking it make take a while McKay began separating shells from legumes. The lucky nut came up after just a dozen or so tries.

Next came the "got to think of a clever response" part. Ideas ranged from multiple peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to hidden responses in other peanut butter products to finally and quite differently settling on delivering an answer via jello.

First McKay came up with nineteen excuses why she couldn't go to the dance with one reason she could. Printed on card stock and laminated the messages were hidden in the mixture which consisted of twelve packs of strawberry jello and dream whip. The original salty peanut container was transformed into a wiggly jiggly box of strawberry deliciousness.

McKay delivered her answer to third hour seminary placing it on Josh's desk. The top of the box said, "Will I go to Winter Formal?? Only the Jello knows... keep looking until you find the answer you want. While the class looked on Josh donned gloves and dug through the jello, made a huge mess on his desk and took a taste for fun.

McKay took her dress to Jacque's for alteration tonight which we are sure will be another adorable look. Hair, makeup and photos need scheduling which she will take care of this week no doubt.

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Life as a Greenstreet said...

That's so darn cute. Wow, my high school was lame!