Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Get Ready to Laugh...

25 random things about m.c. hammer

And here...we...go.

First - I could not possibly narrow the facts about myself that I would like to share down to 25, so here is 33.

Dos - If it is dark outside or I am home alone, then EVERY time I walk past a door in my house I lock it. and in the case that I am home alone, I always have my dads glock 17 (9mm) with or near me.

C - The condensation at the top of water bottles drives me insane. Usually I just shake the bottle to get rid of it but if there isn't any water in it, I throw the bottle out of my sight. Always.

quatro - My favorite item of clothing/accessories that I own is my camo hat. Hands down.

Fifth - I have a shower radio that I use on a regular basis, but I refuse to sing in the shower.

VI - I cannot write in roman numerals. I had to Google the roman numerals that I used in this note.

Seven - I cannot sleep in silence, nor can I sleep with people talking. (i.e. TVs, radios etc.)

8 - I turn my mirrors around before I go to bed so they don't face me.

Nine - I rearrange my closet at least once every other week.

Number 10 - I strongly believe that I am much more fun to be around when I don't take my focus candy.

Eleven - I have always believed, and still do believe that there are sharks in my pool after dark.

12 - When I was a child and my mother told me to go take a nap, I would repeatedly tell myself that I was taking a nap because I wanted to. Not because she told me to.

XIII - My best friends are my siblings.

#14 - I have never named my stuffed animals. If the animal was a bear, its name was "beary." If it was a duck, its name was "ducky." You get the point.

Fifteen - I have a variety of different voices that people get a kick out of. If you ever need a laugh, ask me to say "prune juice." If you don't laugh when I say that, you have the coldest heart ever.

One.six. - I have had a checkbook since I was 9 years old.

17 - If I am carrying a bag and I don't have a roll of duct tape, carmex, a pen, or a children’s book/toy, I am having an off day.

R - I have naturally CURLY hair. Not just curly...but CURLY.

XIX - I could talk about elementary school for hours.

20 - I am a completely different person than I was two years ago. I have my religion to thank for that.

20 plus 1 - I just might be one of the most outgoing people you will ever meet.

V - I am highly observant when it comes to people. I love learning about others' lives. I find it fascinating. This makes me a great listener.

23 - I am a kid-magnet, so I love to babysit. I am also an old-person magnet. That's why I worked at a retirement home for 9 months. You can learn so much from the children and the aged.

X - I have a fear of dropping things into the toilet, being in water where my feet do not touch the bottom, swimming at night, and not being trusted.

Twenty-five - Half of one of my front teeth is fake. Few people in this world know why.

Z – Being nice to people that dislike me just might be one of my favorite things to do. It throws them off.

AA – I dislike the snow, but I like when it is snowing.

BB – When it is dark outside, I can’t stand it when the blinds are open. I feel like I’m in a fish bowl.

29 – Gina Dickman and I are pretty much the only people in this world who do not have texting.

THIR...tea – I am impressed that you are still reading this. – Many-a-times have I bucked the system just to get a rise. (frosh Spanish class)

three2 - I didn't want to end on an odd number so this fact is pretty much pointless.

Last one – I am a good seed.



Kristin said...

What! Who doesn't like YOU, MC! That's just wrong, I tell you! You're a kick in the pants!

Life as a Greenstreet said...

I too always have at least one childrens toy in my bag- and usually some crushed up gold fish.
I can't believe you carry a gun when you're home alone- paranoia must be a Greenstreet thing. Your Uncle Mike would do the same thing IF he owned a gun.
Yes, you are a good seed. And, beautiful.

The MOM of 4 Greenstreets said...

She actually doesn't carry a gun around at home when she's home alone -- she's just knows where it is and how to use it if necessary. It's not paranoid -- it's American!

The Mom said...

Can you come live at my house for a while? I think you would fit right in.
Ps. I like you

Anonymous said...

Seriously MC you are hysterical and when I need a laugh all I need to do is invite you over~

I didn't know you were so paranoid...sharks in your pool REALLY???

You are wonderful and I love your quirky ways!