Monday, January 12, 2009

There's a scary man in the attic...

Last Tuesday we had a very windy night here. Gusts up to 50 miles per hour felt like they might implode our double pane low E argon windows. After gathering up the snow shovels and securing the "college dairy" box that sits on our porch I curled up under my crocheted afghan and plugged my ears.

The kids all followed Tim outside to check out the wind power and pretend getting sucked up by a tornado. The door blew open after one of them failed to latch it completely.

Seemingly unrelated, an hour later a freaked out McKay appeared in the doorway of our bedroom announcing something was going on in the attic. The opening was ajar and she was fully convinced somebody was moving around up there.

Off went daddy to the rescue puzzling slightly at the mystery while kids huddled in bed with me.

There indeed was an intruder in the attic...the wind. It was the wind rushing through the house at the opened door that moved aside the attic cover and it was the wind whistling out the vents that kept the action going.

Hoping to restore tranquility to the house and take back our bed, Tim positioned the kids down the hall in eyesight of hole in the ceiling now covered. Opening and then closing quickly the front door sent just enough pressure up the stairs and down the hall to move the attic cover. Kids were amazed at the sight and less freaked out than before. Mystery solved.

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