Sunday, January 18, 2009

Riesco parlare italiano...

Oh my gosh what a blast I had tonight when my ex-italian mission companion instant messaged me on Face Book from Milan. What time is it there I asked? Two fifteen in the morning was the reply. I don't remember her ever being such a night owl. Alas, she was working at the hospital and had tucked the patients in for the night.

Her English was always near perfect although tonight she admitted it was a bit rusty. She inquired about my Italian. Not bad -- let's give it a try. We spent the next forty five minutes or so catching up on each others lives. I was amazed how much I understood and was able to answer back.

Kids laugh at my Italian hymnal in church. I don't sing well or loud but I do sing the language of love every chance I get. Looks like it paid off. Besides who wants to forget the mission language anyway??

I went right out to the shed and dug out my most favorite mission picture of us together at the Rome Train Station the day we got transferred away from each other. I remember the sad parting. More than that I remember the memorable time we spent laughing about our differences, making cheese sandwiches with the iron (her invention) and my decision to grow out my arm pit hair wanting to be just like her. When in as the Romans do right?

We also did a lot of hard work together knocking on over eight hundred doors in the month of August 1984 (I know it because we kept tract) She was kind and funny and firm in her testimony. We felt the spirit without effort and taught the gospel with ease. I love her dearly and thank her for her service and companionship.

Her name is Enrica Melandri -- I just called her My Laundry -- a name which has stuck to this day. Ciao Bella!!


Life as a Greenstreet said...

Don't you love Facebook?? That's a great memory!

The Mom said...

So glad you connected to your sweet mission companion! I remember you sharing wonderful stories about the time you spent together.Mission blessing just keep coming and coming!